2021 Kitchen Trends

April 11, 2021

A good kitchen must be functional, comfortable, and spotless at all times. This is why every year, a new mix of kitchen ideas are introduced to make your cooking space much more stylish. Investing in your kitchen’s elements also helps you add value for resale.

If you are looking to spruce up your kitchen or need some design inspiration, you will get a few of them by the time you finish reading this article.


The strongly-veined marble has made a come-back, shaking up interiors with next-level style and unmissable, high-end luxury. It is a highly sustainable and popular choice for both kitchens and bathrooms.

The classy attributes, ability to withstand passing trends, and durability making heavily-veined marble an excellent investment.

Colored stone countertops

Stone countertops have always been a durable and stylish choice for the kitchen. Colored stone gives you the opportunity to be creative and an excellent way of adding some glamor to your kitchen without going overboard.

Wood finishes

Once upon a time, wood went out of fashion. But now, it appears wood is making a revival. Opt for subtle-grained, paler than walnut or oak. This will help you pick out the warm tones in artificial stone.

Statement backsplashes

Having the right backsplash will set off your cooking space. Go for backsplashes that resonates with you and will always give you profound joy whenever you look at them.

Several artful backsplash ideas exist from which you can easily pick up a few designs in order to create a unique statement feature.

Don’t have the budget to cover the design of a brand-new and bold backsplash? You should then consider getting the removable peel-and-stick tiles to score similar effects without necessarily breaking the bank.

Vinyl flooring

Hardwood was the #1 choice for kitchen flooring about 2 years ago. But it has now been dethroned by porcelain or ceramic tile. This is why it makes a lot of sense for you to go for surfaces that are easier to disinfect and clean.

Contrasting kitchen islands

If you want your kitchen islands to stand out, you can select a contrasting color that doesn’t really match your cabinets. The top hues many renovators recommend for contrasting kitchen islands are gray and blue.

And your kitchen islands will stand out and contrast beautifully with other white cabinets.

Bright-colored cabinets

Everyone will agree to more sunshine right after the issues that 2020 came with. Bright colored cabinets in combination with a fun backsplash will have you smiling like a Cheshire cat each time you enter your lovely kitchen.

Red in the kitchen

Red is a surprising shade to be seen in kitchens in 2021. Colorful kitchens are already set to become an incredibly huge trend in 2021. And since you are allowed to take a few risks with interiors, introducing red to your color scheme won’t be a bad idea.

Nothing else makes a perfect combination of comfort and style than a muted red. You can pair it with truffles, neutral grays, and cashmere. This helps you experiment with daring colors without necessarily getting overpowered.

Tile layouts

The biggest kitchen trend to watch out for when it comes to tiles is formation. Although the classic shapes are still trendy, how they are placed makes all the difference.

Herringbone patterns are greatly desired when it comes to the arrangement of tiles in the kitchen.


These are just a few kitchen trends making the rounds already in 2021. Be bold enough to make the changes and see how your cooking space transform magically overnight!

At Kitchen Legacy, we believe the kitchen isn't merely "where the cook is." The kitchen is where life happens, and it is the most important place in the home. Just like style transcends beyond clothes or wearing the latest fad. Style is personality and individuality and an element that is vibrant, creative, and eternal.
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