Island Design

Island Design

A standalone structure in your kitchen will provide more space for eating, meal preparation, cooking, and entertaining. Kitchen islands serve as a front-and-center design piece to better use your current kitchen space and layout.

Kitchen Island Ideas

With various seating options, plenty of space work, and unique design elements, we’re helping create a kitchen island that fits your demands and style preferences. We work with all types of kitchen sizes and aesthetics. Work with our designer to create a unique kitchen island that fits flawlessly into your current living space.

Our team is ready to help with style and theme ideas like rustic islands, farmhouse style, country chic, and so much more. You can opt for corresponding chairs, and stools fit to match the island and offer more seating in your kitchen. There’s also an option to transform your kitchen island into a cooktop for even more double-duty convenience. An island unit may also be used to veer traffic from busy hotspots like the fridge and stove top. Some homeowners prefer a long, slim island running parallel to the workstation or a big broad island that can house a sink and other kitchen appliances.

How We Design Kitchen Islands

We specialize in creating highly organized products to help you run your household efficiently. Kitchen islands have the potential to add value to a kitchen design when done correctly. Let us know why you’re considering a kitchen island? Is it because you’re looking for more prep space, need more seating, or want to form a boundary between the cooking zone and eating area. We want to know how you plan to use the island to explore different designs that suit your needs the most.

Most kitchen island designs include seating. Even the smallest spaces can usually benefit from a set of bar stools and additional worktops. If you have a larger area, a long island with integrated low-level, table-style seating could work best for you.

Where to Begin

We’re ready to help transform your kitchen. Once you’re ready to move forward on your kitchen island design, we’ll put you in touch with one of our designers. Every project begins with a design session to ensure we understand your unique vision for your new kitchen island. Get in touch today to start the process.
At Kitchen Legacy, we believe the kitchen isn't merely "where the cook is." The kitchen is where life happens, and it is the most important place in the home. Just like style transcends beyond clothes or wearing the latest fad. Style is personality and individuality and an element that is vibrant, creative, and eternal.
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