Modern Design

May 22, 2021

We specialize in modern design. More often than not, words like “modern” and “contemporary” are used interchangeably; however, the two are very different. Modern design is one of the most misdefined design styles. At Kitchen Legacy, we’re holding true to what modern design actually is to create spaces that flow with modern design concepts.

Modern Designs at Kitchen Legacy

Modern design concepts refer to a designated time period of the past, while contemporary design is all about the present and the future. Modern is a broad term, but it typically refers to living spaces with clean, crisp linens, an uncomplicated color palette, and utilizing materials like metal, glass, and steel to complete the look.

Our designers employ a sense of simplicity in our modern design elements. Modern designs are often sleek without a lot of clutter and accessories crowding a space. We like to focus on our three design pillars: an open-space feel, precise architectural lines, and minimalist aesthetics. You can expect clean lines over curves, neutral colors, and natural materials instead of bold shades and synthetic materials.

Common Color Schemes

Our designers will work with you one-on-one to craft a unique color scheme that works with your home. Modern design colors often feature earthy hues with accents including rust, turquoise, brown, and olive greens. Basic colors will often include shades of whites, beiges, and sometimes different shades of black. Modern designs focus on functionality, uncluttered spaces, and an overall lack of fussiness. Our designers achieve a modern aesthetic by keeping things in a more natural color pallet and incorporating plenty of raw materials. Bold colors provide a focal point in a room or break up some of the more neutral hues.

If you have a specific color scheme in mind, please share it with us. We believe transparent communication is the key to any successful design project. We want you to love your new space just as much as we do.

Getting Started on Your Modern Design Concept

Once you have your heart set on incorporating modern design techniques in your home, we’re here to help give you the ideal living space. Our modern designs perfectly complement various rooms in your home, including the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

The first step is giving us a call to set up your design consultation.
At Kitchen Legacy, we believe the kitchen isn't merely "where the cook is." The kitchen is where life happens, and it is the most important place in the home. Just like style transcends beyond clothes or wearing the latest fad. Style is personality and individuality and an element that is vibrant, creative, and eternal.
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